1.- The Biggest Engagement Event Ever

GWC Conference 2016 is the Biggest event focused on Engagement, Gamification and Enterprise Solutions based on Games. With 2 days of conferences, talks, success stories, workshops and other activities, GWC Conference 2016 brings more than 1,400 minutes of contents by more than 40 speakers from all around the world.

GWC Conference 2016 offers the vision of the latest and most effective strategies and solutions to solve marketing, human resources and innovation challenges of your organization.

GWC Conference 2016 - Biggest Engagement Conference

2.- A Consolidated Trend that is still Growing

Engagement related technologies, including Gamification, is one of the actual trends with a bigger impact on the industry, that is revolutionizing the way companies face their challenges.

During GWC Conference 2016 we will attend the Engagement success stories of big international companies such as Belron, Cisco, Evo Bank, KFC, etc. Those companies will explain how they have leveraged Gamification to improve several of their most important KPIs.

3.- Latest Trends & Industry News

During GWC Conference 2016, the latest Engagement and Gamification trends will be presented, including other enterprise solutions based on Games. We will also be able to attend the presentation of several new Engagement focused products, and the latest news and researches, so you can be informed and get the most of your travel to Madrid.

Pernod Ricard presenting its Gamified app in GWC Conference 2015

4.- Learn a new Way to Address your Challenges

Learn the latest techniques, tools and strategies in the Engagement field to be able to address your company’s challenge in a new improved way. GWC Conference is the best way to access a truly innovative and disruptive content.

5.- Networking with Industry Professionals

You’ll be in touch with other professionals and experts to share your concerns, experiences and solutions. More than 400 different companies from 75+ countries will attend GWC Conference 2016, where >67% of the attendees are decision makers that will be happy to share their knowledge and experiences in Engagement related techniques.

Networking at GWC Conference

6.- Go Around the World in 2 Days

In just 2 days, you’ll learn and stay in touch with the best speakers and companies from all around the world. It has never been so easy to discover at first hand the latest trends and to meet experts within industry from all around the world.

7.- Not only Talks and Workshops… A Lot of Fun!

During GWC Conference 2016 we will celebrate our traditional Gamification After-Party, the Gamification World Awards Ceremony and several other activities to make you enjoy your travel to Madrid. You will remember every second of GWC Conference for the rest of your life! 🙂

Fun at GWC Conference

8.- In Touch with your Company

We have designed the venue with spaces that will let you work and stay in touch with your company, including areas to works, areas for networking, etc.

9.- Engaged with our Society

In GWC Conference we will talk about Engagement problems not only in the Enterprise, but also in the Society, with a special focus on health and education. We want to spread the word about how Engagement and Gamification techniques can help to improve some of the most vital parts of our Society.

10.- Enjoy the Beautiful Madrid

Madrid is a charming city, full of colours and vibrance. It’s a city full of live and with a lot of activities to do. From visiting museums to enjoy it’s non-stopping nightlife, Madrid it’s a city you’ll enjoy. We have prepared a page explaining a lot of things you can do to enjoy your travel to Madrid.

GWC Conference 2016: The Engagement Conference

26th-27th October, Madrid (Spain)







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Attending Companies

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