Melinda Jacobs

Melinda Jacobs

Founder and Managing Partner of Subatomic

Melinda S. Jacobs, M.A. is an entrepreneur and user experience expert specializing in changing behavior through play and games. She started consulting and creating digital experiences for companies in 2011 and based on this passion she founded her own company @SubatomicNL. Since late-2014 she has started a new business @ClustrAt which helps local brick-and-mortar businesses gain more visibility and traction by selling together online.

Melinda is active in her research on how to create behavior change through gamifiation and games. Her research has been published in peer-reviewed literature and she frequently gives talks about her work. She is a member of the review board for the Journal of Games and Virtual Worlds and the IJGBL and continues to give guest lectures at colleges and universities across the Netherlands.

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Melinda Jacobs at GWC 2015: “Achievement Unlocked! Gamification Best Practices”

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Talk by Melinda Jacobs: I’ll have what they’re having: Wanting the engagement from games

His talk at #GWC16: “‘I’ll have what they’re having’: Wanting the engagement from games”

27th October

Everyone here probably agrees, games are in a league of their own when it comes to captivating and activating players. We’re all on a mission to figure out exactly how to replicate the engagement we see in games and insert it directly into our own experiences. Many frameworks teach “gamification” as a practice of applying game mechanics to engage and motivate. But what if the magic of games is not about individual mechanics? What if it’s about something as seemingly “mundane” as structure? In this talk, Melinda discusses why the fundamentals of experience structure are so important, and how a lack of attention can actually decrease engagement – even if traditional mechanics of games and play are used.

Workshop by Melinda Jacobs - Engage All the Things

Her workshop at #GWC16: “Engage All the Things”

26th October (Requires a Full Pass to access)

Good design begins with a goal, a reason, and a underlying structure. Without a solid foundation to build upon, many commonly used mechanics and techniques fail to create engagement or behavior change in experiences. In this workshop, we’ll take a step back and explore how to design a solid foundation from which you can create a space of engagement.

You’ll learn the fundamentals of experience design – with games and play in mind. Melinda will explore why games that engage are actually games with hardcore thought through structures focused on tapping into and developing behavioral loops and habits. You’ll then explore the importance of identifying and accounting for these behavior loops in your target audience. The workshop will end with a handful of elements – motivation, artificial conflict, feedback, motivation, mastery, and narrative – and learn why they have an impact on engagement and how and when to use them.

GWC Conference 2016: The Engagement Conference

26th-27th October, Madrid (Spain)







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