Stephen Dinehart

Stephen E. Dinehart IV

Chief Creative Officer and Founder, Club Colorverse

Stephen E. Dinehart IV is an award-winning gamemaker, transmedia pioneer, VR director, and Nintendo developer trained at Detroit’s College for Creative Studies and at University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts while on scholarship from Electronic Arts and The David Lynch Foundation. A globally recognized expert in narrative design, interactive media development, Dinehart has consulted and worked with TED, Nintendo, Saatchi & Saatchi, Warner Brothers, Electronic Arts, Activision, Zenimax, THQ and more, on brands and franchises ranging from Toyota, Spumco and Bomb Hip Hop to The Marvel Universe, The Lord of the Rings and Batman. He currently serves as Chief Creative Officer for his crowdfunded startup Club Colorverse and Development Director for, an equity crowdfunding platform for Wisconsin.

Know more about Stephen in our exclusive interview: An Interview with Stephen E. Dinehart IV: Gamification Can Create Sticky and Engaging Experiences that Produce Real Meaning

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His talk at #GWC16: “Creating Compelling User-Experiences using a Play Centered Process”

27th October

This session looks at using the play centered process in an approach to discovering your organization story and engaging your customers through gamificaiton.

  • How Games tell Stories that Stick
  • Defining the Play Centered Process for big budget video games, crowdfunding, table-top games and transmedia stories
  • Using the Play Centered Process to create a compelling experience that delivers on intended goals
    • Case Studies
    • The Conspiracy for Good
    • Lego Mixels
    • Club Colorverse


His workshop at #GWC16: “Creating Compelling User-Experiences using a Play Centered Process”

26th October (Requires a Full Pass to access)

What is play? What is story? How does one create meaningful and engaging experiences that deliver on intended outcomes and customers expectations? In an increasingly experiential world customers are looking for more than a solid product, they want a story well told, one in which they take part.

In this workshop, University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts Transmedia Scholar and award winning game maker Stephen E. Dinehart IV expounds on the processes he refined through years in the trenches of interactive media development and deployed on a range of entertainment properties.

This process is sure to help you iterate more quickly, at lower cost and with stronger outcomes to deliver compelling user-experiences. If you are looking for stronger employee or customer engagement this process is sure to help you nail down and deliver a truly meaningful experience.

In addition, participants will also be tasked to create a game using the play centered (playcentric) process to discover, define and refine a game that delivers a memorable play experience. Be sure to come packed with a willingness to play, laugh, and experiment.

GWC Conference 2016: The Engagement Conference

26th-27th October, Madrid (Spain)







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