Last week, before the GWC Conference 2016, we announced the finalists of the GWC Awards 2016. During the GWC Awards Ceremony, held just after the GWC Conference, the GWC Awards 2016 winners were announced, recognizing the most innovative projects in the areas of Digital Engagement and Gamification.


SEFH: Winner of the  “GWC Best Customer Engagement Project 2016” Award

The Winner of this category was SEFH (Sociedad Española de Farmacia Hospitalaria, Spanish Association of Hospital Pharmacy), for their project that aimed to change the medical congress experience while educating. Jose Miguel Martinez (Head of Innovation and Strategic Solutions, AbbVie) received the award.

Jose Miguel Martinez (Abbvie) receiving the "Best Customer Engagement Project" Award at GWC Conference 2016

The other finalists of this award:

  • EVO Banco
  • Ad-Pure TV Sync
  • ‘La Petite Robe Noire Intense’ de Guerlain

Belron: Winner for the Award “GWC Best Employee Engagement Project 2016”

The winner of this category was Belron for their project “The Belron Way of Fitting” that combines the virtual learning experience with real world training on the job on a global scale.

Paul Cornelissen (Training & Development Manager at Belron) received the award.

Belron receiving the GWC Award for the "Best Employee Engagement Project" at GWC Conference 2016

The other finalists of this award:

  • KFC’s CSL QuizGame
  • Leroy Merlín

Air4Life (Hospital Vall d’Hebron & Chiesi): Winner for the Award “GWC Best Health & Wellness Project 2016”

The winner of this category was Air4Life project (by Hospital Vall d’Hebron & Chiesi).The patient is the protagonist of the App and he is challenged in the app to improve continuously by means of achievements and goals related to exercise and the right way to take their medication to improve their health and well-being.

Julio Martínez Cutilla (Director of the Hospital Pharmacy Service of the Vall d’Hebron Hospital) and Emilio López Reyero (Product Manager at Chiesi) received the award.

Air4Life winner of the "Best Health & Wellness Project" at GWC Awards 2016

The other finalists of this category:

  • Imperial College London
  • Brave Potions
  • Wellness City Project

Ball State Achievements: Winner for the Award “GWC Best Education Project 2016”

The winner in this category was the Ball State Achievements project developed by University Ball State. Ball State Achievements has shown how to effectively use mobile gamification to increase engagement and retention rates in at-risk students.

Scott Reinke (Coordinator for Ball State Achievements at Ball State University) and Brittanie Middleton (Budget & Finance) received the award.

Ball State Achievements winner of the "Best Education Project" at GWC Conference 2016

The other finalists of this category:

  • Colegio San Andreu
  • Beaconing Project
  • The Group of Experts

Andrzej Marczewski: Winner for the Award “GWC Best Contribution to Industry 2016”

The winner of this category was Andrzej Marczewski (Gamification Nation), because of his contribution of the Gamification Player Types model that got validated in several academic papers in 2015 and 2016.

Andrzej Marczewski, Winner of the "Best Contribution to Industry" Award

The other finalists:

  • Yu-kai Chou (The Octalysis Group)
  • Kevin Werbach (The Wharton School)
  • An Coppens (Gamification Nation)
  • Pete Jenkins (Gamification+)