Meme fun

Great afternoon

Below are three things about me. One of them isn't true. Can you guess which one?

1) My father has an prosthetic leg

2) I broke my ankle falling off a barstool and then drove my 5-speed VW home

3) I've dropped acid more times than I can count, but I've never snorted coke.

Today comments, tomorrow the whole, whole world!

I really don't understand why there are people who feel it is necessary to ban same-sex marriages. Really. Why is this such a threatening concept?

And do we REALLY need a CONSTITUTIONAL amendment?

I have said for months that it wouldn't surprise me to find out that members of the current administration were behind the 9/11 bombings. I was close.

Close-minded religious types who can't see beyond the pages of their bibles, give creedence to the idea that there is no God. If I were a god, I'd've made these people smarter.

I have a snake made of multi-colored modeling clay on my desk.

I don't have enough friends who are women.

My guy friends wish I didn't treat them all like Jasminlive girl friends

I am likely to die a bitter old crazy cat woman

Last night Kenny said, "I wouldn't date anyone who would date me."

I wish I could shrink all the people who annoy me down to the size of bowling pins and then knock them down with a 12 lb ball.

I lost my debit card


I am not happy today

Probably because my period's due this weekend.

This is item #15

This isn't

I go to court on 4/14 to contest my parking tickets

Anyone ever do this before?

My neck and shoulder are no longer sore

Despite the fact that they hurt like hell last night

The check engine light in my car suddenly blinked off on my way home yesterday

I can't imagine why

I am a financial wreck

It's Jeff's fault

My entire life fell into the toilet after that day I walked into that liquor store

And I thought I'd never been so happy

I have two major regrets

Postponing USMC OCS (which turned out to be a permanent thing) and

Leaving LA

I've made other mistakes, but I don't really regret any of them

Not even Jeff

I honestly forget that there are people who are genuinely stupid. And I should be more charitable, I know this, but sometimes you want to just smack 'em and say, "Dumbass."

And nothing drives me more crazy than people who walk all over their own arguments.

Rule whatever

When twice you meet the same person, unaware he is the person you met before, and twice you determine that the guy is a worm, don't subsequently be fooled by thinking that maybe he isn't as bad as you previously thought (twice before)--under ANY circumstances.

I feel icky.

Clarification: In June, I met a guy at Gladstones. He pissed me off, I chased him out of the place. He pissed off a lot of people. In December I see him at the Cat's Meow. He remembers me and calls me "Pinky" which, for some reason, infuriated me. But I recognized him as the guy from the summer. He pissed off a lot of people from chaturbate rooms.

A month or so later, I meet a guy at the Cat's Meow--we watched My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance a couple weeks running--over the course of a month I realize this guy is also obnoxious and I, along with several others, come to the conclusion that I can't STAND him.

Later, I realize that he's the SAME guy from the summer.

Last night, for a couple of hours, I decide that maybe he really isn't all that bad. I even entertained the idea of DATING him.

And then, he pissed me off and I ditched him.

I am not accomplishing any of my resolutions.

Not any of them.

A little over a year ago, I posted about a dream I'd had the night before. Today, I received an email from someone who was in this dream, who I haven't seen or spoken to since probably 1982, when we moved from Virginia to Illinois. He searched for his name on MSN (CasaC was the first result--imagine that).

Other people who have emailed me after googling their own name include Jennifer Milici and Bannon Wysocki. In Jennifer's case, it wasn't all that odd: we were very good friends when we were young. But poor Jeff and Bannon: they probably had no idea who I was after all this time. In any case, Jeff and I went to the same elementary school. All four of us went to the same middle school.

I drove to work for the second consecutive day. I feel like I'm cheating on my bus people. While there's a certain amount of empowerment that comes from driving yourself, I don't meet very many interesting people in my car. For instance, last week I met a man who has 7 ren with one on the way. The oldest is 6. He watched me do the math in my head and said: "I have a set of triplets and a pair of fraternal twins." He'd just gotten back from St. Joe's in Kirkwood. He fell at work and sliced open his shin. Almost to the bone, but not quite. He showed me his bandage. Not even "All Things Considered" is THAT interesting.

I still have that radiating shoulder pain; I can barely turn my neck. I'm certain it's a sarcoma.

My next post will contain positive and uplifting messages.

No, really.

I'm over the Relationships-in-Your-Head-Should-Stay-in-Your-Head phase

Now I'm in the WhathefuckamIdoing? phase. Like I've explained to several people, this isn't A) serious or B) going anywhere, so I guess it really doesn't matter. I let a LOT of things go that I might not in a regular relationship (table manners? you all know what a stickler I am for those. remember Dan-the-Fork Dork?).

Having few expectations makes things a lot easier. On the other hand, living in gray space isn't one of those things I do well, but I'm figuring out that, in this case at least, gray space has more benefits than black or white would.

I still haven't figured out why he's so damn compelling, though. In fact, I'm sure there's plenty o' people wondering the very same thing. Maybe therein lies the actual compulsion. Whatever.

So, the pad thai from King and I is good but isn't as good as the pad thai from Sen. Sen's pad thai has more flavor and the noodles weren't as gummy. However, King and I has PORK satay and Sen only has chicken. I think I prefer the fried tofu at Sen as well, but I have nostalgic connection with the tofu from KaI, so there's that. I'm still looking forward to my leftovers.

That was one thing I learned this weekend. I also learned that people are funny about Chinese food. For instance, you couldn't PAY me to eat anything from Ho-Wah on Virginia again (FYI Snoggins, just north of Bates). Fred, of course, has gone on and on about this Livejasmin place and was disappointed when the last time we went it was closed and we had to go somewhere else. But, I had a couple of bites of his hot braised pork and had to stop. The grease wasn't hot enough, so each piece was grease-sogged and either the grease was dirty or they cooked too long because there was this awful burnt taste, as well. The crab rangoon was nothing more than cream cheese barely flavored with fish paste or something.

I usually order from Lucky Foods--they have incredible Crab Rangoon, although everything else is simply passable. They deliver, and I can write a check, which is why I go there, but I wouldn't RAVE about the place and it runs complicated, intricate, circles around this Ho-Wah place. I can't figure out the draw.

What's funny about all this is that Fred would probably hate the Hot Braised Pork at a better Chinese place. Of course, he has strange eating habits. I think he eats to fuel, rather than to enjoy most of the time.

I'm so looking forward to going to my CLEAN house.

My house is clean

The floors are broomed and 'cuumed. The kitty litter is clean, Wolfie is gassed up; pad thai has been fetched and eaten (with plenty left over for tomorrow); my sheets are washed, dried and on the bed, corners crisp. A load of clothes is tumbling in the dryer. I could have company now, if I wanted.

I woke at 11 am this morning and now it's only 7:20.

I should answer some email, but I'm going to luxuriate* in a warm bath, listen to some Yo-Yo Ma and have some tea.

note to self: add 'luxuriate' to that list of words never, ever to use again. If for no other reason that it sounds Trendy.

Excerpt from an email I received from Kathie:

I noticed [the word vascillate] was spelled incorrectly. The spelling I found was here. Lindy, of course, wanted me to do this as a jasminelive comment but I believe that would be considered poking the bear. : )

Smart girl, that Kathie. Bad Lindy, bad.

In any case, the spelling is corrected. :-) I still like it better with the s.

Okay, babe on the radio is singing "Paint it Black" in French.

For the record (npi), "Michelle" was never released as a 45 in the US, so if you were looking for it, you can stop.


First I'd like to say that my life really isn't complicated, though it may seem that way on the surface. No, really, it isn't. It's just that my apartment is completely trashed and I can barely stand to be in it.

Fred redux. At one point last evening, he played "Wild Horses," walked down to my end of the bar and sang the chorus. And then he said, in his own Fred-like way, "I am a wild horse. But I still couldn't be dragged away from you." I rolled my eyes. "I don't understand it, but it's true. How 'bout that?" I rolled my eyes with a lot less conviction.

"I completely understand," I told him.

"You do?"

"I'm here, see." Then, "So, you called my home number Sunday. What, did you call information?"

"No, but I had to use the magnifying glass to see the little print in the phone book."

"Why go to all that trouble?" (After all, he'd called my cell phone 3 times earlier).

"Why do you think?" My little blue-collar Socrates, Fred is. He stared at me like, "Christy, you dumbass." And then toddled back to his end of the bar.