Meme fun

Does someone owe me whiskey?

A list of things I learned today:

1. I am compelled to perform civic duty on March 3.

2. I will not be able to catch up on my knitting during this time as I had hoped to do.

3. Meetings labeled "mandatory" usually mean that a) there is no punitive measure taken for non-attendance and b) no useful information will be imparted should you actually attend.

4. You can learn a lot more in meetings that you don't need to attend and have nothing to do with you

5. The more hurried the project, the more it is delayed.

6. Multiply the time you expect a project to take by the number of people who are involved to get a true estimate of the time the project will take. And then multiply that time again by the number of people who are involved. And continue to do this until someone finally pulls the plug on the project, or you are compelled to deliver whatever you have.

7. Thinking even close to the edges of the box is difficult for some people

8. The customer service department at USAA is awesome

9. The customer service department at Bi-State is not

10. The smarter someone is supposed to be, the dumber he actually is

11. People who complain about other people's responsiveness are usually themselves unresponsive

12. He died

While walking with my mother yesterday and talking about Sunday's storm, I said that I'd woken early and watched the ice build up on the windows. She said, "The windows at your place, you mean?" I was momentarily confused by the question and I hesitated. "Or do you mean your car windows?"

"Um, is this a trick question? Because I'm refusing to answer, based on the fact that my answer might incriminate me."

"Oh," she said, laughing, getting it. "I mean, the windows wherever you happened to be Sunday morning."

"Yes," I said. "Those windows."

And it's a good thing, too, because I'm not a very good liar.

Oh, and I think I'm the coolest non-girlfriend on the planet. Most of the time. And, I think, there is a liklihood that I could find myself Above The Bar sometime in the near future. I was promised braunschweiger. No, this is not a double entendre. Of THAT, I can assure you all.

And finally, is anyone out there watching "My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiance?" I am. It's fucking hilarious. Between this and Survivor: All Stars, I'm so going to be Reality TV Woman.