Meme fun

I am limerating a little bit today

I like this. Especially on a Friday. However, this status is subject to change even within the minute.

In class on Wednesday, I was reviewing the syllabus, and realized (happily) that by the time the semester ends it will be mid-May, the weather will be warm, it will probably be raining and I will probably be wearing shorts.

Earlier this week someone asked someone else if the PWW and I are dating. We must be getting sloppy.

Hopefully, my last meeting this afternoon will end early so I can get out of here early. Somehow, I can't imagine that will happen.

Random strange fact I know about someone else: The first time Studboy had sex with his now-ex-wife they listened to Prince's Purple Rain and they ordered pizza afterwards.

First the Old 97s, now the Smith's "Girlfriend in a Coma" and I was already thinking about him on my way in's going to be a Mercer day, today...I wonder if this is the anniversary of when we first met or something. It's close, anyway.

Actually, today is the anniversary of his dad's death. Maybe that's why.

I heard a song on Casey Elsie this morning that I'd heard the other afternoon. The first time I heard it I would have bet a week's worth of whiskey that it was the Old 97s. But while I wasn't paying attention when the DJ introduced the song this morning, once the song played, I knew she hadn't said it was the Old 97s.

I was heartbroken. I mean, a week's worth of whiskey is a lot of fucking whiskey. And I hate to be wrong about things like that.

However, I am vindicated! The artist is Rhett Miller, who (and I checked this) used to be the lead singer/guitarist for, yes, you guessed it: The Old 97s!