Meme fun

The gauntlet is thrown the iPod figured out. I must have been on drugs the last time I attempted this--I don't know what my issue was, it was pretty easy. The most involved part was reshelving CDs.

I took a vacation day today, obstensibly because, like every other year, I figured I'd get up, have breakfast somewhere in honor of St. Pat, come home and make corned beef/cabbage/potatoes.

However, I woke up not feeling so well (though I feel much better now) and decided to "straighten" the upstairs. I'm going to straighten another area of the house a day until Sunday, when I will CLEAN.

Now, I'm bound and determined to figure out my iPod and, while it is recharging, I'm downloading music to my hard drive (that part FINALLY figured out). My biggest problem right now is trying to decide WHAT CDs to download. If I get this figured out, I think I'm going to take a walk, so I can play with my new toy.

Inspired in part by Pwylla AND a website sent to me by a friend (after seeing something on LGP), I really want to take pics of all the neat signage in my 'hood (most of it faded paint on brick). If I get the pics from Christmas downloaded today, maybe I'll do that. (And, maybe have my own personal pub crawl until the Posse arrives).